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Interview with Prof. Richard Smith: Tips on how to succeed in the music industry of the 21st century

A couple of months ago, the renowned jazz guitarist and USC Thornton School of Music Professor Richard Smith delivered a lecture about the music industry in the 21st century at Morley College in London. He studied the profiles of  a … Continue reading

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Living a lie

Omg. This is shocking and revealing. I am just shocked at how true are the things she says. We are falling into the ‘prove your life on Facebook’ culture deeper and deeper…we ve come to the point where we can’t … Continue reading

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Stage and Performance Tips: what it takes to achieve a strong performance

 Singing is an act of telling a story, sending a message, engaging in a dialogue with the audience. It is an act of communication. Whilst a good technique is absolutely necessary for a good performance, expression of emotions and feelings … Continue reading

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The Secret in their Eyes: Film Review

In most of the films we watch, even in the case of the best ones, we can usually point out a number of strengths and weaknesses afterwards. Even for those that capture us from the very first scene, we are … Continue reading

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Everyone is fully responsible for their own actions. True?

One of the most valuable and -widely approved as such -realisations in life is that at the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their actions. We build our destiny with our actions and reactions, the way we choose … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 99percentblog:
For 307 Members of the UK Youth Parliament Friday 23 November 2012 will be marked up as a day they will never forget. The UK Youth Parliament held their annual debate at the House of Commons…

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Binge drinking on the increase for women, the new CDC report shows

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report in January of 2013, stating that women’s binge drinking has been on the increase during the last few years, a fact that can potentially have destructive consequences for … Continue reading

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The UK Youth Parliament Debate in the House of Commons

On Friday the 23rd of November 2012, the UK Youth Parliament held their annual debate at the House of Commons chamber.  307 members of the UK Youth Parliament aged 11-18 debated five crucial issues chosen by a ballot of 250,000 … Continue reading

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10 reasons why Christmas can be a healing period for the soul

I always loved Christmas, to be more accurate, I adored Christmas. I couldn’t wait for the Christmas holidays to come, for the lovely festive atmosphere to outweigh everything else, bringing only joyful and warm sentiments, loving feelings and reunions with … Continue reading

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The sexualisation and stigma of women drug users

Gender shapes the experience of drug use and its consequences. In a society where policies are mainly designed by men, directed towards men’s needs and where women are often excluded, discriminated against or abused, it is more important than ever … Continue reading

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