My name is Stefania and I am a blogger, writer,  researcher and feminist media activist. I am specialized in political theory,  gender issues and women’s rights and I have worked in the area of drug and health policy. I have been involved in online campaigning and advocating for  more humane drug policies based on respect and understanding of human rights. Many of the posts in this blog refer to my work on http://www.talkingdrugs.org, the web media platform or Release (the UK centre of expertise in drugs laws, policies and human rights).

Through this blog I aim at raising awareness about women’s rights, tackling a broad spectrum of topics related to gender equality, feminism, women’s concerns and making women’s voices heard. The blog is also an opportunity for me to address any further issues of interest as well as expressing my opinions and views on a broad range of topics. I also have a great passion for music and film so you will find many blogposts related to them.

You can contact me and read my updates on twitter: Stefania Morozini (@stefania_mrzn) and facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stefania.morosini.3?fref=ts

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