Living a lie

Omg. This is shocking and revealing. I am just shocked at how true are the things she says. We are falling into the ‘prove your life on Facebook’ culture deeper and deeper…we ve come to the point where we can’t gain pleasure out of things, if they are not displayed on Facebook, instagram etc. We end up living in a lie, deeper and deeper..we are in a room with other people and we are on our phone feeling equally lonely. For what??? what is it that makes us happy?? ‘More followers, more likes, more praise…. !!’ Is that a life we want??

How self indulgent, narcissistic and hypocritical is the social media happiness and the ‘perfect life’ picture?? If u scratch the surface, if u go behind closed doors u ll see that reality has nothing to do with the ‘all happy and cool’ life we show on our timelines everyday. We feel that our value increases by NUMBERS. Our self worth increases by the social media approval, our popularity. Our confidence goes up by the numbers of likes. But after a few hours, we feel empty again- and therefore we post something else and wait for the response. Isn’t that like the worst drugs? I m telling you, it s a slow torture. It s like an illness.

Dont get me wrong, there s a good and beneficial social media sharing that can make a really positive change, such as sharing valuable information, articles, experiences that have a positive effect on others.

But living our life through it is an illusion. I ve seen so many people (and I can include myself in there many times) spending so much time and effort perfecting their social media happiness bubble. Taking hundreds of selfies until we finally find one which we think it can be approved from society and Facebook standards as being attractive, and therefore suitable for posting. And then being in front of the screen to count how many likes we ve got. We ve gone so far from reality, from truth. Out of the people who clicked ‘like’ on our stuff, how many of them will be there for us? how many will give us a hug when we need it? How many will smile at us? Probably one or two. Or noone. It s sad isn’t it? We rely on people who probably won’t even recognise us if they see us on the street, in real life.

I dont want to live there anymore. People are around us!! They are everywhere and we can’t even see them!! Because we spend so much time instagraming our  new dress that we are turning blind to real, beautiful things around us!! And there s proof that this kills us: we end up sad, unhappy and depressed without even knowing why and how. Well this is how….

Recognition, happiness and success is not how amazing and successful and pretty you look on Facebook. It comes from experiences that we can only acquire through love, real soul sharing and real life- these can vary from walking in a park to drinking a coffee and saying hello to someone. Where is real love, where have the real people gone?? They are out there, in the real world. They are our families, our friends, the real figures in the streets, in nature, everywhere. They can be next to us- all we need to do is switch off our phones and devices, open their eyes and see them.

If you have the same thoughts, please share the post and the video-it s shocking to realise that so many ‘successful’ on social media people suffer from melancholy and depression. Even global stars. Lets make a start.

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