International Women’s Day 2012: what about women drug users?

Today is the International Women’s Day, a surely remarkable day for the history and achievements of women. I can’t help but thinking what women have suffered through the passage of the centuries, how much they fought for their rights and what difference they have made to the world, a certainly harsh and unfair world for them.

Everyday women are faced with hundreds of different challenges, have to take decisions and stand on their own two feet. At the moment I am writing, countless women are suffering from injustice, violence, illnesses, disabilities and many other harms.

I have come across many drug studies, reflected about drug issues, written about drugs, read statistics, but today I feel an absolute urge to write about women drug users. How are women defined in relation to drugs? Are they given the appropriate attention they deserve? Is drug policy adapted to their needs? Do drugs have to be addressed in considering their own, special needs?

You can read the full article here.

** This article was written on the 8th of March 2012 for

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