Ethnic Profiling in France


France is one of those countries that widely use ethnic profiling as a tactic of stop, search and arrest. Before the launch of the report titled ‘Profiling Minorities: A Study of Stop-and-Search Practices in Paris’ by the Open Society Justice Initiative there was no quantitative evidence of the racial profiling in France. Although important qualitative research was done before, showing that ethnic or religious characteristics were used as a way of singling out people for identity checks and arrests, there was no systematic, empirical study on the issue. ‘Profiling Minorities’ offers valuable insight in the issue and establishes the fact that ethnic profiling in France is a true, existing problem and that it has to be faced as such.n addition to the Open Society Foundation’s important findings, the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance country reports indicate that in several instances, the conduct of the law enforcement officials is discriminatory and racist, targeting possible suspects because of their looks and not because of their –possibly suspect- actions. And what happens is that in most cases the ethnic minorities are the usual suspects.

You can read the full article here.

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